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Thanksgivings, Christenings and Baptisms, and Renewal of Baptismal Vows

New Baby? Congratulations!

There is nothing like having the responsibility for a new little life to set us thinking about what Life is all about in the first place. It is a good time to say 'Thank You" to the One Who gives us life  -- and to ask for His help and protection for the baby's health and upbringing. That's why we offer everyone a Service of Thanksgiving, which can be a private service in Church, where we do just that, with no strings attached.

The Service of Baptism (or "Christening") is a bit different. That is where the baby is welcomed into the practising, worshipping fellowship of the Church so, of course, that involves the parents in making promises about being themselves regular worshippers, so that they are bringing the baby up in the life of the Church. Christianity is a group activity! Some parents find it difficult to make that sort of commitment, so they will stay with the Thanksgiving. But those who wish to take this additional step will follow on from the Thanksgiving by preparing for a Baptism, which takes place at one of our main morning services, when all the congregation are there to say "Welcome!" We would encourage you to explore all our different services, so that you can see which one feels most like a spiritual home for you all as a family.

Adult newly come to faith? Congratulations again!

It sounds shocking to say it, but a Baptism is actually a little burial service, where we bury our old self-run life and start a new one, "born again", with Jesus in charge. When an adult comes to a new relationship with Jesus we baptise them, usually by full immersion in our new Baptistry-font during one of our main services (or, sometimes, in the sea!). If they were Christened before, as a baby, we would not want it to look as though we thought God wasn't active in that original service (after all, He has brought you back to Himself!), so we offer a Service of Renewal of Baptismal Vows with Full Immersion.

Again, to find out more, have a chat with one of our clergy, or you could ring our Parish Office Team on 01903 823916, or e-mail us at <> to fix a date.