Broadwater Parish

Living out the Jesus Life

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  • West Sussex
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We are so very sorry if you have recently been bereaved. We will all, at one time or another, experience the death of people who have been close to us, and it is so hard to bear. It also sets us wondering about the whole meaning of Life: is there anything beyond death? How can we know? These are the times when the solid truth of Jesus's Resurrection from the dead makes all the difference. As well as our clergy team, we also have the St. Mary's Pastoral Visitor, and Interim, our bereavement group, on hand to support you.

Our clergy conduct funerals in our churches or at the Crematorium, or in the cemetery chapels. We can also offer to conduct memorial services in church, if that is what you would prefer.

Contact us via the Parish Office on 01903 823916, or e-mail us at: