Broadwater Parish

Living out the Jesus Life

  • Parish Centre
  • 117 Broadwater Road
  • Worthing
  • West Sussex
  • BN14 8HT

01903 823916


Broadwater Parish is committed to creating a safe environment across all our churches and believes that those leading, at all levels, must demonstrate a duty of care to safeguard all children and vulnerable adults from harm. All children and vulnerable adults have a right to protection, and the needs of all people who may be particularly vulnerable (either permanently or temporarily) must be taken into account when considering their involvement in church life and the support that is offered to enable them to live fulfilling Christian lives.

If you have a concern:

  • If the danger is immediate: dial 999 now
  • Concerned about a child?      Phone: 0808 800 5000
  • Concerned about an adult?    Phone: 01243 642121

Further advice can be obtained from:

The Parish Safeguarding Officer- Children is Tina Smith
Phone 01903 249007 or E-mail

St Mary’s Safeguarding Officer- Children: Elizabeth Haynes
Phone 01903 823916 or E-mail

St Stephen’s Safeguarding Officer- Children and Adults: Matthew Thorpe
Phone 07802372245 or E-mail

Hosanna Church Safeguarding Officer- Children and Adults: Kim Downes
Phone 01903 823916 or E-mail

Queen Street Safeguarding Officer- Children and Adults- Judith Skitt
Phone 01903 823916 or E-mail

For further information on our safeguarding policies, procedures and practice guidance for leaders, staff and volunteers, please access the documents below:

Parish Safeguarding Policy

Parish Whistleblowing Policy

Parish E-Safety Policy

Parish Responding to Safeguarding Allegations Policy