Broadwater Parish

Living out the Jesus Life

  • Parish Centre
  • 117 Broadwater Road
  • Worthing
  • West Sussex
  • BN14 8HT

01903 823916

Dear Friend,

If you are reading this because you are facing burdens which feel too heavy to bear, or because someone you care about is going through a difficult time, then please let us encourage you to bring it all into the loving arms of Jesus.

He knows all your problems, and carries them on His shoulders  -- even to the cross and the grave  -- and on to heaven.

And, because He cares, we do too. We can't guarantee to solve every problem, but we can provide a listening ear. It doesn't matter whether or not the issue is obviously "spiritual"; we can usually help, and, if we can't, we probably know someobody who can. Over the years, Mother Church has acquired great experience and wisdom as well as a tender and understanding heart.

To arrange an initial appointment with one of our clergy, or to request a home-visit from one of our pastoral staff, please ring the Parish Office on 01903 823916, or e-mail us on <>

In His Love - and ours,

All the team at Broadwater Parish Church.